Circle ways make healthy schools

To build a healthy community we must turn toward one another, as we do when we gather together in a circle. Circle ways come from people who lived close to the earth and the cycles of life, who knew something many of us forget—that we belong to each other. No one is expendable, least of all our children. We gathered in circles to dance and to drum, to celebrate and grieve, to share stories, make decisions, govern, dream, do justice...and more.

At Circle Ways we are part of the remembering and the continuing of these ancient ways and of their practice and development in schools. With more than 30 years of experience in public, private, and parochial schools, Circle Ways provides training, coaching, facilitation, materials, and other support to help schools implement circle practices, including:  way of council, restorative justice, and nature connections.

Circle practice is not an add-on program requiring additional time in the school day, but a pedagogy that shifts the way we interact and learn. With Circle Ways’ support, educators and administrators bring this shift to the academic curriculum, social-emotional skill building, and student-directed curriculum, as well as in the engagement of staff, students, parents, and community members in the art of collaboration.

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Register for one of our Upcoming Public Workshops, our free monthly Educators Circle (last Wednesday of the month) , or come for a free sample of council at a Friday happy hour-and-a-half Circle Ways Taster.  We look forward to being with you in the circle. 


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Featured school

Katherine Michiels School (KMS) has served Bay Area children and families for more than four decades, providing high-quality, affordable education within a nurturing, child-centered environment. KMS's mission is to foster each child’s experience of the world so they may blossom to their full potential and become compassionate, autonomous, contributing members of society.  KMS is the first preschool/ elementary school in Northern California to fully implement way of council school-wide. Circle Ways' coaches Bonnie Tamblyn and Kate Lipkis have provided training and support to KMS for nearly a decade. Read more about KMS and council.

KMS uses the progressive, humanistic Reggio Emilia learning approach and way of council practice as its educational compass. Both approaches see the child as a competent and equal partner in the educational journey. If you live in San Francisco, have little ones, and you share these values, check out Katherine Michiels School.