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Council Level 1

Register for 8.1 - 8.2.17

Introduces educators to way of council—a circle, listening, speaking, awareness, relationship practice—and prepares them to begin using the practice in their classes and schools. The training is participatory, fun, and infinitely relevant and useful. The training covers the history and basics of council, the variety of different types and formats of councils, and some of its many applications in schools, including as the foundation for a restorative justice approach to school discipline. It explores how to create councils based on the social-emotional, intellectual, and academic interests of the group and provides participants practice planning and facilitating councils so they return to their schools prepared to begin practicing circles with their students and colleagues.

Council Level 2

For educators who have taken the Level 1 training and are facilitating councils in their classrooms and/or with school staff. Working from participants’ experiences, this workshop explores the realities of sustaining a council practice—how to keep it fresh, engaging, and responsive. We reflect on our facilitation and leadership styles, looking at where we get stuck or flip into “default” mode and how we can expand our capacity and awareness. We also look at how to vary the forms and modes of council to fit group needs and keep the practice vital, how to support the emergence of student and participant leadership, how to sustain and expand the practice among staff, parents, and community members, and how to deal with immediate and pressing issues within the classroom and school community.

Restorative Justice 1

Introduces restorative justice concepts, theory and application in schools. Participants will experience five restorative interventions for use building community, solving problems, resolving conflicts, repairing harm, creating a culture of accountability in a context of care, and supporting he growth of increasingly capable and compassionate young people.

Professional Development

Circle Ways tailors professional development to the needs of the school and its community.  Follow this link for our recent site-based offerings.