We  partner with schools to integrate circle practices into the life of their classrooms and community. Our partnership typically begins with a two-day training  for the full staff where we introduce the adults at the school to the practice of being in circle with one another and the process of offering circles to students. We provide coaching and ongoing professional development and work directly with both students and adults. Becoming a Circle Ways school is a 3-6 year undertaking, during which time we provide:

  • A series of 2-day Core Circle Ways Trainings for the whole school staff
  • Professional development sessions during the year — the length, frequency, and content of these sessions is determined by the needs, desires, and resources of each school
  • Coaching for teachers and administrators who are developing their circle facilitation skills (we offer on-site and remote coaching sessions)
  • Circle Ways leadership committee
  • Curriculum development and integration of circle practices with academic, social-emotional, and student-directed curriculum
  • Youth leadership training
  • Restorative justice facilitation and implementation
  • Parent, family, and community councils
  • Nature connection retreats for school leadership, whole staff, and student groups

Contact us to find out more about bringing Circle Ways to your school. We are happy to visit and give you a taste of what we do.