Research and Studies

theses, dissertations, and articles in our council tradition

  • "Applying Council in a University Human Development Course," Dr. Betsy Perluss (2011)
  • Introduction of a Dialogue Group in a Contemporary, Conservative Jewish Synagogue, Cheryl Hashman Sheinman (2000)
  • "Listening from the Heart, Speaking from the Heart": Using Council to Transform the Middle School Classroom (UCLA Master's Thesis), Leah Raphael (2008)
  • Psychospiritual Group Work: The Impact of a Talking Circle Training Program on Emotional and Spiritual Intelligences (Dissertation), Dr. Micael Gonzalez (2012)
  • The Impact of Council on Early Adolescents (Dissertation), Dr. Denise Jaimes-Villanueva (2012)
  • The Way of Council: A Narrative Inquiry Exploring Council as a Spiritual Path (Dissertation), Dr. Leonelda Castillo (2017)
  • Can Holding a Talking Stick Improve Listening at Work? The Effect of Listening Circles on Employees' Emotions and Cognitions (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Guy Itzchakov and Avraham N. Kluger
  • "Supporting New Teachers with Authentic Speaking and Listening," (ASCD article), Julia Mason Wasson (2012)

related studies and articles