Circle Ways provides training and support to help schools develop systemic circle practices, the infrastructure for a culture of engagement, collaboration, and respect.  Healthy schools require a balance of offerings for a child's mind, body, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as ways to heal from inevitable harm.  Circle practice is the foundation of what has come to be called "restorative justice."

Along with training educators to integrate circle practice as an academic and social-emotional pedagogy, Circle Ways provides guidance for all adult stakeholders in the school community: teachers, counselors, administrators, support staff, parents, elders, service providers, and local merchants.   

Circle ways are pan-cultural. There are many circle ways.The practice is based on wisdom people who have lived and continue to live close to the Earth. They remind us that we belong to each other, no one is expendable, and we accomplish this belonging by turning towards each other in our fullness in a circle.

With 30 years of service in public, private, and parochial schools, Circle Ways offers educator trainings, facilitation of adult circles, mentoring for schools developing systemic council practice, educator and youth nature connection retreats, and restorative conferencing.