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Council in schools

This video features students, teachers, administrators, and counselors from three LAUSD public schools talking about council practice at their sites.  ISLC High School, Wilshire Park ES, and Webster MS.

council at Vista Charter Schools

This is a video from 2017 of staff and students practicing and talking about council at two public middle schools, Vista Charter in Los Angeles and Vista Heritage in Santa Ana.

council at the Marlton School

The Marlton School in Los Angeles serves students who are deaf and hard of hearing in grades K-12. Many staff are also DHH. This video shows how Circle Ways coaches have adapted council practice to meet the needs of this community.  

return to the heart

"Return to the Heart" presents the elements of a school-based council program and features voices from the Pressman Academy, the Open Charter School, and the International Studies Learning Center. 

Seeing through others eyes

"Seeing Through Others Eyes," a mural painted by artist Judith Baca depicting the historic meeting of Robert F. Kennedy and Cesar Chavez, graces one side of the library at the RFK Learning Complex in Los Angeles. The school was built on the site of the former Ambassador Hotel where in 1968 RFK was assassinated. In his honor Circle Ways coaches provided services to this school community.

Council in schools at the Ojai Foundation

This video features the voice of Paul Cummins, founder of Crossroads School in Santa Monica, the first private school to fully embrace council practice beginning in 1982. Council continues to be a foundation of Crossroads' Human Development Department. This video also highlights the value of council-based retreats for students and staff.