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Joe provisor

Joe is the  co-founder of Circle Ways (2017), Council In Schools (2005), and the Palms Council Project (1992).  A public school teacher for 24 years and educator trainer for Los Angeles Unified School District  for seven years,  Joe is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an elder of The Ojai Foundation. He has practiced circle ways in the classroom since 1986 and has been a Council Trainer for The Ojai Foundation since 1994, providing trainings for educators, therapists, and business people nationally and internationally. He is the author of stories, training curricula, lesson plans on circle ways in schools, and the forthcoming book Teaching and Learning in Circles.


Marc is the co-founder/director of Circle Ways. A former public school teacher and former director of Council In Schools, Marc has been practicing circle ways in schools for almost 20 years and has trained educators in council and restorative justice for the past three years. He has created training curricula and lesson plans and led nature retreats for students and staffs. Marc has been a lawyer since 1989, a mediator since 2010, and a restorative justice practitioner since 2014, providing conflict resolution and restorative justice services for schools, families, businesses, organizations, and communities.


Our diverse circle of trainers, coaches, and facilitators brings experience from more than 30 years of practice in schools. Headquartered in Southern California, we have program coordinators in the Midwest, Eastern US, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Specialists focus on special needs, language learners, mindfulness, arts, and movement-based circle modalities. Circle Ways will provide a team to fit the needs of any school at any level. Get to know our team.